Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Journey to the Cross

The Journey to the Cross
By: Max Lucado

“This was God’s plan which he had made long ago; he knew all this would happen.”
Acts 2:23

Jesus died…on purpose. No surprise. No hesitation. No faltering.You can tell a lot about a person by the way he dies. And the way Jesus marched to his death leaves no doubt; he had come to earth for this moment. Read the words of Peter. “Jesus was given to you, and with the help of those who don’t know the law, you put him to death by nailing him to a cross. But this was God’s plan which he had made long ago; he knew all this would happen” (Acts 2:23 NCV),the journey to the cross didn’t begin on Jericho. It didn’t begin in Galilee. It didn’t begin in Nazareth. It didn’t even begin in Bethlehem.

The journey of the cross began long before. As the echo of the crunching of the fruit was still sounding in the garden, Jesus was leaving for Calvary.

My Reflections, my gracious moments with my Creator....

The Cross is significant to my heart, to my being.
That sacrifice, His blood made a difference in the way I've known life.

The Cross of Jesus, amazing. It help me experience what joy is all about
It help me connect with God.

If I'll live again, I will still appreciate the Cross.

I will still THANK HIM for that sacrifice.

I'm a sinner, but am loved by my CREATOR.
I mean a lot to HIM, and HE means a lot to me.

It's my deepest desire to start my day with him.
Whispering my praises, thanksgiving, petitions to HIS ear.

Believing that when I do so, Heaven listens. God listens.

I struggle a lot, I fall short, but still strive to repent.

Today is a new day, that HE gave me and my husband.

Let the blood in the Cross be an inspiration for me and Jeff to love each other,
to spend the day with so much gratefulness, to be kind to those unkind and judgmental.

The Cross will be my strength to repent, to do better, to love more.

My God, my Savior, I want HIM to be the foundation and strength of our marriage and our family~our Bahay Bj. You may visit our family blogspot at

So far, this is my reflection for this day, for this morning....

In His Grace,