Saturday, February 14, 2009

Homework from Proverbs 31:12 - Humble Attitude Over Duty

Homework from Wife's Biblical Submission Study:
Proverbs 31:12 - Humble Attitude Over Duty
Week #6, Lesson 2

Questions to ask self:

How's my husband's vigor, is it depleting or depleted?

Does he enjoy coming home?

Are my children obedient and respectful (not perfect), but practicing honoring me and my husband? (Not applicable to me as of the moment.soon in God's time)

Do I spend the hours necessary every day training my children in the love and admonition of the Lord?

Is my house in order? Maybe not perfect, but at least picked up?

Did I include a love note in my husband's lunch?

Was I up and ready to serve him when he awoke?

(sadly, no. it's not a reason that he prepares for work at 2am and sometimes earlier)

Do I take every opportunity I have to teach my children, not only with words, but through my actions, how to honor and respect my husband? (again, can't answer this at this time. soon when God thinks it's perfect time to have. we want to have kids.....yet HE knows when, only HIM knows the perfect time.

Is my husband satisfied with my wife and motherhood?

Has he made request I refuse to honor, not because he's asked me to sin, but only because I think his requests are unnecessary or unreasonable?