Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Premio Dardos Award from Sunny

The Premio Dardos Award was graciously given to me by sweet sister Sunny of A Damsel No Longer In Distress

Premio Dardos means "prize darts" in Italian. This award is given to bloggers, in recognition of their cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writings.

The rules of this award are:

1. Post award on my blog.
2. Link it to my precious sister Debra @ Clothed With Scarlet
3. Link to the original post HERE
4. Pass the award on to at least five people.

Thank you so much Sunny for appreciating my blog for its cultural, ethical, literary and personal values. It encourage me!!

I believe your thoughtfulness and sweetness comes from the Love of Christ.

You are a treasured sister.

I would like to pass on this award to:

Mariz of http://reflectionsbymariz.blogspot.com/
(Appreciate her writing about lifestyle of her own/family, and those in her environment, like posting about resto or establishment.

Kimi Harris of http://www.thenourishinggourmet.com/
(Appreciate her writing about her personal values on eating nourishing food along with its nourishing traditions.

Jean Chia of http://agreatpleasure.blogspot.com/
(Appreciate her creativity in sharing the art of serving food)

Angie of http://angie-alpha-e-omega.blogspot.com/
(Appreciate her being my close friend since university days, and her unique personal values)

Wendy of http://wenlopred.blogspot.com/
(Appreciate her personal values on relationship with God)

Sweet Award from Ernestine

Indeed, God is lavish with encouragement in so many ways.
It may be through people in your life that He extend those daily encouragement that comes in various ways.

I received a sweet comment from a dear sister Ernestine from my former post.
What an encouragement from a lovely and sweet daughter of God.

Then I visited this link: http://keeping-the-home.blogspot.com/2008/11/naomi-bonnie-rose-amanda-sunny.html

When I saw it: Wow!! Beautiful!!

More than the beautiful art Ernestine made, its her heart I appreciate the most. Her heart that wants to encourage and make someone smile, her thoughtfulness and sweetness.

Ernestine, Thank you so much!!

I wanted to make this award you gave as my Blog's Logo!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Modern Day Rib In Action

"A Biblically submissive wife living in a modern day world). And how this modern day "rib" protects her husband's:

Heart: his very life-blood, which is his vigor
Lungs: the air he breathes in and the air he breathes out

A man's heart yearns for his wife, her acceptance of him, her respect and most of all, her unwavering love and devotion. The world could hate your husband, his boss and/or his job could be horrible, his co-workers could spend all day mocking him and telling him how inept and stupid he is. But if he has a wife at home that sees him in truth, warts and all, yet loves him unconditionally with God's agape love, it's amazing how the world no longer has any affect on his vigor.

On the other hand, if the world loves your husband and he is praised and respected at work and in social circles, yet does not have the unconditional agape love, respect and support of his wife, he will grow weary, and begin to fail at everything. He will lose his vigor and sometimes, look to find another "rib" to replace the one that seems to be missing - causing a hole in his body, making his heart vulnerable to attack so that his heart can no longer function properly.

As women, we see our husbands as strong and not needing our acceptance. We feel like because we are the "weaker vessel" it is more important that we receive praise, acceptance and appreciation from our husbands without realizing that he needs ours to survive. Yes, his very life depends on his wife's protection. That's probably why widows live longer than widowers.

"While women who lose their husbands often speak of feeling abandoned or deserted, widowers tend to express the loss as one of "dismemberment," as if they had lost something that kept them organized and whole. The Harvard Bereavement Study, a landmark investigation of spousal loss that took place in the Boston area during the late 1960s, reported that widowers often equated the death of their wives with the loss of their primary source of protection, support, and comfort. This went to the very core of their overall sense of wellbeing. (emphasis added)

~The Encyclopedia of Death and Dying

One of the common habits we've grown accustomed to is nagging and quarreling with our husbands because we're sure we're right and they're wrong. While this may be true from time to time, nagging and quarreling is un-Biblical and contributes to "sucking the life" out of your husband, while feminizing him, causing him to "cave in". And with no protection from the rib, it's expected that a man's heart would cave in from all the pressures he faces daily. This is viewed as such a horrid thing in the sight of God that He has King Solomon mention it twice! (Proverbs 21:9 and 25:24).

A man depends on his lungs to breathe in air to provide oxygen to his heart, as well as exhaling air to remove carbon dioxide.

The rib was made to protect a man's lungs, so the man can be healthy and strong.

As wives, we are to protect the air our husbands breathe in and protect the air he breathes out. That means we protect our husbands atmosphere by prayerfully, truthfully and lovingly making our homes a place of restoration, peace and comfort for our husbands., we ought to intentionally set out each day As Biblically submissive wives to bless our husbands with our words and acts of kindness. (Applications will be included in tomorrow's post)

We also need to actively protect the air our husbands breathe out. Just like us, our husbands are not perfect and will from time to time say something unkind, harsh or inappropriate to us, our children or to others. In the case that he speaks unkindly, harshly or inappropriately to you, with gentleness and love, tell him he's hurt your feelings. But this conversation should only take place in private. If it happens in public, simply say,"I'm sorry what I've done/said frustrated you. Please forgive me. What I can I do to help you?" Then prayerfully consider when God will provide you the time to speak with him privately. If your husband did not speak to you inappropriately, but did hurt your feelings, consider if what he said was an actual sin or a personal offense. If it was the latter, prayerfully consider overlooking the offense rather than expecting your husband to always behave in a manner which is pleasing to you - as I'm sure this is a great burden none of us can bear...that's why we have Jesus!

Speaking privately to your husband after much prayer, is always recommended over disrespecting him by publicly reproving him.

My Gracious Moment With My Awesome Creator, My Only God...I love.

One of my weaknesses is: I failed to be a good homemaker.I failed to be the house manager that I should. I can't reason out that am working eight hours in a corporate world and travel almost four hours everyday to and from work /home.

It has been so true, without me noticing it at times that I become so quarrelsome, caring so much with my feelings being hurt, failing to see how ungodly it is towards God, and how hurting it is also to my husband. I knew, I have a long way to go in learning, relearning, and struggling and wanting to be a loving wife. Adding more and more love in my actions, thoughts, and heart each and everyday, that I always ask HIM.

What is so great is I believe my awesome God is giving me a new ray of HOPE that I will be the wife HE wants me to be, that in HIS Grace I will be better.

Still have many things to repent.Though I struggle, that I am imperfect wife with many flosses and weaknesses, that I failed in some areas of my role. Knowing HIS Word, His breath to me, His message to me as His Daughter, is already a privilege I know I don't deserve but have the honor to listen, and repent for HIS Glory.

Nothing changes in my heart for my Awesome God and Loving Father, when I was in my youth and in single ministry, I would always tell HIM how I wanted to make each day of my life to be a WORSHIP TO HIM. My desire until now that I'm married never changes, not even a bit. I still long to live a Life of Praise To My KING!!