Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christ-mas Everyone!!

Jesus is the very reason of this holiday, let’s give him our praises and thanksgiving as we celebrate Christmas and face a new year of 2009 filled with Hope, Faith, and Love.

Let’s lavish our Savior with our love, worship and faith.

May the Holidays fill our hearts and days with HIS presence and Love.

Let’s share HIS LOVE with less fortunate children or family, who are also close to our God’s heart.

Bon and Jeff Galicia
Bahay BJ ~A Home of Love ~

Monday, December 22, 2008

Proverbs 31:11 - Beautiful Truth is Beautiful Trust

Pictured above is a unique flower called, "Beautiful Truth". It was discovered in South Korea by Song Kihun (the grower) who named this rare beauty after his beloved daughter. Although extremely delicate in appearance, with it's strap-like petals that are only a 1/4" thick, it is a very hardy flower that is also very well behaved...unlike others of it's species. This is one of the distinct qualities that make this exceptionally beautiful flower so treasured by it's gardener's!

Sunny shared : "I found it very interesting that the petals looked like delicate ribs that wrap around the "heart" of the flower where the sweet nectar is. This little flower peaked my interest enough that I began looking up it's history, how it grows, where it grows and if it'll grow in my garden. In my research, I found it is much like a Biblically submissive woman - beautifully delicate in appearance, but grows very strong and hardy and is well behaved, which blesses her Gardener."

A Biblically submissive wife, is like this Beautiful Truth flower.
* She's delicate in appearance, but is very hardy and strong.
* She grows without being overbearing by overtaking the other flowers in the garden (like others of her kind) -
* she is "well behaved", she practices self-control. (Titus 2:3-5)
* She's shaped by her Gardener and grows in the fashion He chooses.
* She doesn't mind being pruned, though it is painful, causing her to "bleed", because she trusts that her Gardener is pruning her to help her grow more fragrant and vibrant with larger flowers.
The pruning actually makes her stronger (Hebrews 12:11). She doesn't mind looking "ugly" from time to time because her full trust is in her Gardener - not in herself or others.
* She's more concerned with the growth that's happening in the secret places no one else but her Gardener can see.

And this gives her peace, especially when the storms come and beat down on her, or during the droughts when the sun threatens to dry up all she has. During storms our droughts, her roots grow deeper and deeper into the soil, as she firmly embeds herself into her strong Foundation - the Lord Jesus Christ, for He alone is her Refuge.

No wonder the heart of a husband who's blessed with this kind of wife has full trust in her and has no lack of gain.

* He trusts her because he knows she will not gossip about him to others (1 Timothy 5:13),
* his interests are hers, his desires come before hers, and his welfare is her joy (Ephesians 5:24, Philipians 2:3-4).
* She does not squander his money, nor look upon others with envy.
* She is fully satisfied in the LORD. She is grateful and humbled that God has been mindful of her and provides for her every need and even graces her with plenty (Ruth 2:10).

Though her husband may or may not strive to be a man who loves her as Christ loves the Church, her husband does not worry, because he knows her full trust and joy is in Jesus Christ, not in him or any other person. Therefore he is free to know Christ (if he's not saved), and one day, endeavor to love her as Christ commanded all husbands.

Scripture HE wants to PLANT in my heart as young wife and woman (",)

A wife who trust HIM will not be shaken by Life's Circumstances

"I have set the LORD always before me.Because he is at my right hand,
I will not be shaken.
Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body also will rest secure"
-Psalm 16:8-9 (NIV)

God does all things for her good, by conforming her daily into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ

"And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.
For God knew his people in advance, and he chose them to become like his Son, so that his Son would be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters."
-Romans 8:28-29- (NLT)

She is well esteemed because she allows her good conduct to prove her work done in the meekness of wisdom

"Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show it by his good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom." James 3:13(NIV)

She is clothe with UNFADING BEAUTY within

"You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God."
-1 Peter 3:4- (NLT)

He is well aware that he is her second love and Christ her first.
*She is firmly established in her Savior alone and therefore is not easily shaken by circumstances around her, for her hope is in the LORD, not in the comforts of this life (Psalm 16:8-9).

*She is fully aware that her Father God is good, sovereign and trustworthy and does all things for her good, by conforming her daily into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ (Romans 8:28-29).

*She makes her mark in this world and many take notice of her. Not because she is the most beautiful, not because she is the loudest, proudest or strongest. No, she is well esteemed because she allows her good conduct to prove her work done in the meekness of wisdom (James 3:13) with gentleness and a quiet spirit, faithfully doing good without fear of anyone or anything except God her Father (1 Peter 3:4 & 6).

And yes, even others of her kind (other women) take notice of her, for her peaceful joy and quiet confidence in Christ, speaks louder than any words that can ever come from her lips.


I am encouraged how God continuously prune me for my own good!
He sees me beautifully even if at times I failed to see the beauty HE is designing within me in the midst of pruning stages.

I believe this first year of marriage is a pruning moment for me as a young wife, learning many things. As HE asked me to surrender to HIS good will. One of the major things HE is pruning me:
"Submit to your husband as the church submit to Christ"

It is a call for me to HUMILITY. Reminding me to follow the steps of Jesus, which are the steps of Humility exemplified in His Great Love for the Father. Great that Jesus was willing to submit, trust, and surrender without questions.

My husband loves to garden. It's true that a gardener knows what plants need more sun, less water, etc. God as my Gardener indeed knows what needs to be pruned within me for me to be beautiful and biblical submissive wife for His glory! and for my husband to be blessed all his life because of my reverence and intimate walk with God.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Wife of Noble Character

Proverbs 31:10-31 (The Message)

Hymn to a Good Wife

A good woman is hard to find,and worth far more than diamonds.
Her husband trusts her without reserve,and never has reason to regret it.
Never spiteful, she treats him generously all her life long.
She shops around for the best yarns and cottons,and enjoys knitting and sewing.
She's like a trading ship that sails to faraway places and brings back exotic surprises.

She's up before dawn, preparing breakfast for her family and organizing her day.
She looks over a field and buys it,then, with money she's put aside, plants a garden.
First thing in the morning, she dresses for work,rolls up her sleeves, eager to get started.

She senses the worth of her work,is in no hurry to call it quits for the day.

She's skilled in the crafts of home and hearth, diligent in homemaking.

She's quick to assist anyone in need,reaches out to help the poor.

She doesn't worry about her family when it snows;their winter clothes are all mended and ready to wear.

She makes her own clothing,and dresses in colorful linens and silks.

Her husband is greatly respected when he deliberates with the city fathers.

She designs gowns and sells them,brings the sweaters she knits to the dress shops.

Her clothes are well-made and elegant,and she always faces tomorrow with a smile.

When she speaks she has something worthwhile to say,and she always says it kindly.
She keeps an eye on everyone in her household, and keeps them all busy and productive.

Her children respect and bless her;her husband joins in with words of praise:

"Many women have done wonderful things,but you've outclassed them all!"
Charm can mislead and beauty soon fades
The woman to be admired and praised is the woman who lives in the Fear-of-God.

Give her everything she deserves! Festoon her life with praises!

Proverbs 31:10 Morsel to Chew On

Gandang Morning God!! (Beautiful Morning God!!)

It's a lovely Tuesday God paints for me and for His Daughters.
A Morning filled with a desire to worship God and to commune with Him so closely as we try to sort out what's in our hearts and lift them up to God.

"Did you know that the Hebrew word used for "excellent" in Proverbs 31:10 is "khah'-yil"?

Khah'-yil means: strength, might, efficiency, a force (like an army). Interesting, isn't it? That the first thing that's mentioned about the Proverbs 31 woman is that she is strong, she is efficient, she is a force.

Unfortunately, in today's society and even in evangelical churches, the term "submissive wife" is often thought of as enslavement, entrapment or viewed as something vulgar. It is often described as an archaic perception of women and threatens the very "rights for freedom" women have so diligently fought for since the 1960's. But none of these views are accurate of the Biblically submissive wife. As you can see by definition, an excellent wife is no man's pawn, no man's doormat, is not mousy, nor is she an idiot unfit to do anything but be "barefoot and pregnant".

No, a Biblically submissive wife is exactly what God intended her to be: strong, mighty, efficient and a force to be reckoned with - against Satan, not against her husband.

Any woman who acknowledges the truth of a Biblically submissive woman would never shrink back or think twice about attaining such a great honor. Instead she would readily recognize the power God has already given her, instead of listening to Satan's empty lies, like he offered Eve - to give her what she already possessed, great intellect (because she was intimate with God), and great influence over her husband (that's why Adam also ate). Eve didn't have influence over Adam after the Fall, she already had it...that's what caused the Fall. Let us not follow her example, but as daughters of God, let us surely learn from it!

Oh dearly beloved sisters, daughters of the one and only God Most High, heed the word of our Lord and do not be deceived by our enemy, the devil who entices you to wield your strength, your might, your efficiency and force that our Father God has graciously bestowed upon you to strike your own bodies, your own head, your own husbands. But let us instead armor ourselves with the armor of God and wield our influence over our husbands for the glory of God through Biblical submission and strike Satan, our adversary.

Remember, the intellect and great knowledge God has granted you was given to you to fight against our enemy, Satan so that you will not be deceived by any of his schemes. Your intellect and great knowledge was not given to you so you could lord it over your husbands.

May the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts be pleasing to You, our gracious Lord God, our Rock and our Redeemer. And may we, as Your daughters who call You Father through our Savior, Jesus the Christ only speak words that are a benefit to our husbands according to their needs, not what we think they need. May Satan tremble at the sight of your submissive daughters, aware that we are storming the gates of Hell and taking back what was lost in the Garden - the oneness of a husband and wife. May what You LORD brought together, never again be separated! Not on our watch! Every victory in Jesus Christ alone! AMEN "

Gracious Moments With God....Loving and Kind God ^_^

Husband and I woke up at 3:35am to prepare ourselves to hear God's Word, The Word of Truth, Life and Hope.

I prayed within that our hearts would be ready to worship and lavish God with praises, that He alone deserves.

As we pray and ask in pervent petition to bless our hearts and the hearts of our future children to be filled with love and faith in God and to each other!!

Second, we ask Him to trust us to raise God-fearing and loving Kids.

We did it for Jesus! To express our praises and gratefulness for His love and Salvation thru His Precious Blood on The Cross.

A morning filled with God's Holy Spirit and blessed with the richness of His Word so sound to our hearts.

Second, more blessings as He lovingly allowed me to study "A Wife's Biblical Submission" as I desire (under His good will) to dig deep on His word and learn and listen to His Voice as I marvel the road of being a woman and wife pleasing to His sight. That the Scent of My Love, Worship, and Gratefulness to Him will Fill His Altar with such sweet Smell that He'll remember me thru Jesus.

The Modern Society may have a different concept of an Excellent Wife / Woman but His Word Stands Out Throughout Generations.

I'll have another post for the whole verses of Proverbs 31:10-31 (The Message Version)

Have A Sweet Scented Love From Heaven........(As He Pours Out His Love on Earth each & Everyday to fill our hearts with Richness that No Wealth on Earth Could Ever Surpass)

Blessed with His Sweet Scented Love and Graces,


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Proverbs 31:10 More Precious Than Jewels

An excellent wife is very hard to find. Her rare, inner beauty is so exquisite, that she alone (on earth) can have the greatest influence on her husband. The gentle and quiet spirit (biblical submission) of an excellent wife also captures the heart of the Lord God Almighty who not only deems her submissiveness as her greatest strength, but finds her inner strength, most precious in His sight (1 Peter 3:1-6).


"The same goes for you wives. Be good wives to your husbands, responsive to their needs." 1 Peter 3:1 (The Message)

"In the same way, you wives must accept the authority of your husbands. Then, even if some refuse to obey the Good News, your godly lives will speak to them without any words. They will be won over 2 by observing your pure and reverent lives."
1 Peter 3: 1 (NLT)

* A Beautiful and Excellent Wife in the sight of God is:
- A good wife who is responsive to her husband's need
- A wife who live a Godly, Pure, Reverent, and Respectful Life
- A wife who submit to his husband's authority.

Indeed God's standard is way way different than human.

1 Corinthians 13 goes into much detail of God's agape love, which through Christ we find is first and foremost, submissive to the will of the Father with great love and humility (Philippians 2:5-8). No wonder God finds this rare quality in a wife so precious in His sight. She (a Biblically submissive wife) is the best paradigm of Christ's love and submission to God the Father (1 Corinthians 11:3).

And we know as daughters' of the Most High God, there is no human being who's ever lived that is more precious in God's sight, than His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord."

"Just imagine sisters this great gift God has set before us! Our gracious Lord and God has given us the privilege to exemplify the most perfect expression of love ever known to mankind - Jesus Christ! What is your response?"
~What a privilege that is, that I know I don't deserve~
~A gift I don't get the chance to exemplify all the time, but in God's leading am repenting each and everyday He unfolds into my life as a young and precious wife!~

Amazing , amazing, amazing God!! Worthy of all praises!!

As Scripture says, Jesus was equal with God (He was perfect, pure and without sin), but did not consider equality with God something to be grasped or used the aspects of His deity to work His will (as a man), but submitted to the will of the Father in all things.

As daughters of God, and co-heirs with Christ, we have the same opportunity set before us. We are "equal" with our husbands in that we have the same value in God's eyes and we are equal sinners. But only wives have the incredible opportunity to model Christ's relationship to God by willingly and lovingly submitting to her husband who is equal to her because they are both sinners, and both fall short of God's glory.

Homework: (Sister Sunny, this is indeed a helpful part of this study, as God purify us more for our own good and for His good purposes and Glory!!)

Based on your memorization of Psalm 139:23 - 24 & Psalm 19:14 from last week, make a two column list:

Column 1 - all the sins God revealed to you that you must crucify
Column 2- Scripture verses to help you when tempted with each sin you listed

*Sins That I must Crucify and Work On This Week in God's Help and Gentle leading.

* I have this bad habit of quarelling my husband when am hurt though at times, I really don't realize that I end up quarelling him instead of talking about my hurt feelings.

* Ungodly habit of counting past sins, mistakes, and hurt.

These are really not glorifying to My King.

His voice so loud in my heart:

" Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 (NIV) keeps no record of wrongs"
....Doesn't keep score of the sins of others, (1 Cor. 13:5-The Message Version)

"Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins."
1 Peter 4:8 (NIV) cover a multitude of sins

* Fight sin of unforgiveness and counting past mistakes *

I have to keep God's word in my heart and actions, 1 Peter 4:8 and 1 Corinthians 13:4-5 for me not to indulge with the past esp those pertain to shortcomings....
, instead in God's grace, I'll have a forgiving and loving heart.

That God's love cover a multitude of sins. that my love for my husband cover all his imperfections and past shortcomings.

* Fight the sin of quarelling *

1 Corinthians 13:4-5, God says that LOVE is kind and patient, it is not irritable!!
It does not easily angered...

I lift up my desire to repent over those sins to God who is mighty and loving to help me and lead me to genuine repentance to becoming a genuinely loving wife who never quarell, who lovingly forgive......


This is my Gracious Moment with The Lord this Tuesday......A little challenging, am at home trying to rest to subside my fever, cold, cough.

I lift up this day for God's Glory along with Bahay BJ's situations.

Loving God.........

Monday, December 1, 2008

Difference Between Submission and Obedience

Difference Between Submission and Obedience

submit (v): 1) to give over or yield to the power or authority of another; 2) to present for the approval, consideration, or decision of another or others: to submit a plan; to submit an application;

obey (v): 1) to comply with or follow the commands, restrictions, wishes, or instructions of; 2) to comply with or follow (a command, restriction, wish, instruction, etc.).

As you can see, by definition, submission is a far greater thing than obedience.

Submission requires love, respect and a wiling yield to another. Obedience on the other hand doesn't require any personal relationship between the one giving the "command" and the one obeying the command.

My Gracious Moment:

I often see myself as an obedient wife rather of a submissive one.
I believe, I have to repent in many areas being a wife!!

I can say I am better now compare with the first few months of marriage which I had the big transition to face.

These days in God's help & guidance, I am being mindful of being a homemaker, things that really concerns home. It become a habit to clean the house , do chores when I get home from work.

I desire to be a full time wife, homemaker, and future mom.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Six Random Things About Me

I have been tagged by sweet and thoughtful Ernestine of Keeping the Home

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Six Random Things About Me:

1. I am a newly married woman to a God fearing simple gentleman, who loves music, gardening/ environment, mountains, animals.

2. I have come to know God intimately and understands Jesus on the Cross and His Precious Blood when I was 17 years old in the university. It was one of the greatest experience I've ever had in my life. Memorable, captivating, purifying. Cherished it so much.

3.I used to be a very busy young woman even when I was just in elementary days, I always do a lot of things, participate in every activities around me. So love to learn every good things I can. High School, University days were filled of jam-packed schedule. I enjoyed it, learned many things, known many people, & love them.

Yet, when I get married, God let me understand the importance of prioritization.
I slowly understand and take to heart that having a family, is my first ministry.

4. I have a new found love of homemaking even if am not full time to it.
Living with my husband made me start to love plants/ gardening, taking good care of the environment, to be mindful of stuff that concerns home, I start to appreciate dog/s, we have a cute puppy at home, which we have in our 3rd month wedding anniversary. We named him Jell (after our fave bus transport, LOL)

5. I work in a Marketing Department of the company where I work with different nationals. When we have our meeting, I usually joke myself, am I in the United Nations? (LOL)

I am grateful to have this opportunity to work with different nationalities, it broaden my knowledge, and help me learn as much as I can.

6. I love coloring, just like a Barbie or cartoon coloring books. So fun and light.
Husband and I did it a few days ago in our 9th month wedding anniversary.

Can I add one more important thing in my heart?

I dream to have a family whose main desire is to make our lives a Worship to the King.

I dream that husband and I will be part of a mission team, whose main goal is to established a church who will deeply fall in love with God more than anything else.

That dream, remain so alive in my heart.....after every tribulations I may face.

I believe God himself created that dream in my heart so sweetly.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Are you a strong woman or a woman of strength?

A strong woman works out every day to keep her body in shape...
But a woman of strength kneels in prayer to keep her soul in shape.

A strong woman isn't afraid of anything...
But a woman of strength shows courage in the midst of fear.

A strong woman won't let anyone get the best of her...
But a woman of strength gives her best to everyone.

A strong woman makes mistakes and avoids the same in the future...
A woman of strength realizes life's mistakes can also be God's blessings and capitalizes on them.

A strong woman walks surefootedly...
But a woman of strength knows God will catch her when she falls.

A strong woman wears the looks of confidence on her face...
But a woman of strength wears grace.

A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey...
But a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong.

By Cathy Berry

My Gracious Moments with My Sweet and Loving God.

I took this from
I came across with this, a few months ago and decided to read it again yesterday.

I know in my heart that I was too sad yesterday.
You know the feeling when you are being misjudged, and when the person who used to be my bestfriend did not extend compassion with the pain I've been through instead give such a hurting word and misjudgment?

I thought when I prayed and told God: maybe it's one of my heart and faith is tested through these temporary emotional turbo.
I felt the sadness and pain, but I prayed...and decided to surrender them all to HIM.
For HE knows everything and He has always been the witness of my heart no matter what.

When everyone might fail to love me anymore, or trust or believe on me, I know and believe that my Lord will never fail to do so. For HIS love is the greatest among others that I may receive.

I would like to thank HIm as well for graciously allowing me to share my sadness with my husband who were there to comfort and listen.

Again, I told myself, I still have tons of reasons to thank for and express my gratefulness.

I have Jesus and I have my husband too.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Premio Dardos Award from Sunny

The Premio Dardos Award was graciously given to me by sweet sister Sunny of A Damsel No Longer In Distress

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Thank you so much Sunny for appreciating my blog for its cultural, ethical, literary and personal values. It encourage me!!

I believe your thoughtfulness and sweetness comes from the Love of Christ.

You are a treasured sister.

I would like to pass on this award to:

Mariz of
(Appreciate her writing about lifestyle of her own/family, and those in her environment, like posting about resto or establishment.

Kimi Harris of
(Appreciate her writing about her personal values on eating nourishing food along with its nourishing traditions.

Jean Chia of
(Appreciate her creativity in sharing the art of serving food)

Angie of
(Appreciate her being my close friend since university days, and her unique personal values)

Wendy of
(Appreciate her personal values on relationship with God)

Sweet Award from Ernestine

Indeed, God is lavish with encouragement in so many ways.
It may be through people in your life that He extend those daily encouragement that comes in various ways.

I received a sweet comment from a dear sister Ernestine from my former post.
What an encouragement from a lovely and sweet daughter of God.

Then I visited this link:

When I saw it: Wow!! Beautiful!!

More than the beautiful art Ernestine made, its her heart I appreciate the most. Her heart that wants to encourage and make someone smile, her thoughtfulness and sweetness.

Ernestine, Thank you so much!!

I wanted to make this award you gave as my Blog's Logo!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Modern Day Rib In Action

"A Biblically submissive wife living in a modern day world). And how this modern day "rib" protects her husband's:

Heart: his very life-blood, which is his vigor
Lungs: the air he breathes in and the air he breathes out

A man's heart yearns for his wife, her acceptance of him, her respect and most of all, her unwavering love and devotion. The world could hate your husband, his boss and/or his job could be horrible, his co-workers could spend all day mocking him and telling him how inept and stupid he is. But if he has a wife at home that sees him in truth, warts and all, yet loves him unconditionally with God's agape love, it's amazing how the world no longer has any affect on his vigor.

On the other hand, if the world loves your husband and he is praised and respected at work and in social circles, yet does not have the unconditional agape love, respect and support of his wife, he will grow weary, and begin to fail at everything. He will lose his vigor and sometimes, look to find another "rib" to replace the one that seems to be missing - causing a hole in his body, making his heart vulnerable to attack so that his heart can no longer function properly.

As women, we see our husbands as strong and not needing our acceptance. We feel like because we are the "weaker vessel" it is more important that we receive praise, acceptance and appreciation from our husbands without realizing that he needs ours to survive. Yes, his very life depends on his wife's protection. That's probably why widows live longer than widowers.

"While women who lose their husbands often speak of feeling abandoned or deserted, widowers tend to express the loss as one of "dismemberment," as if they had lost something that kept them organized and whole. The Harvard Bereavement Study, a landmark investigation of spousal loss that took place in the Boston area during the late 1960s, reported that widowers often equated the death of their wives with the loss of their primary source of protection, support, and comfort. This went to the very core of their overall sense of wellbeing. (emphasis added)

~The Encyclopedia of Death and Dying

One of the common habits we've grown accustomed to is nagging and quarreling with our husbands because we're sure we're right and they're wrong. While this may be true from time to time, nagging and quarreling is un-Biblical and contributes to "sucking the life" out of your husband, while feminizing him, causing him to "cave in". And with no protection from the rib, it's expected that a man's heart would cave in from all the pressures he faces daily. This is viewed as such a horrid thing in the sight of God that He has King Solomon mention it twice! (Proverbs 21:9 and 25:24).

A man depends on his lungs to breathe in air to provide oxygen to his heart, as well as exhaling air to remove carbon dioxide.

The rib was made to protect a man's lungs, so the man can be healthy and strong.

As wives, we are to protect the air our husbands breathe in and protect the air he breathes out. That means we protect our husbands atmosphere by prayerfully, truthfully and lovingly making our homes a place of restoration, peace and comfort for our husbands., we ought to intentionally set out each day As Biblically submissive wives to bless our husbands with our words and acts of kindness. (Applications will be included in tomorrow's post)

We also need to actively protect the air our husbands breathe out. Just like us, our husbands are not perfect and will from time to time say something unkind, harsh or inappropriate to us, our children or to others. In the case that he speaks unkindly, harshly or inappropriately to you, with gentleness and love, tell him he's hurt your feelings. But this conversation should only take place in private. If it happens in public, simply say,"I'm sorry what I've done/said frustrated you. Please forgive me. What I can I do to help you?" Then prayerfully consider when God will provide you the time to speak with him privately. If your husband did not speak to you inappropriately, but did hurt your feelings, consider if what he said was an actual sin or a personal offense. If it was the latter, prayerfully consider overlooking the offense rather than expecting your husband to always behave in a manner which is pleasing to you - as I'm sure this is a great burden none of us can bear...that's why we have Jesus!

Speaking privately to your husband after much prayer, is always recommended over disrespecting him by publicly reproving him.

My Gracious Moment With My Awesome Creator, My Only God...I love.

One of my weaknesses is: I failed to be a good homemaker.I failed to be the house manager that I should. I can't reason out that am working eight hours in a corporate world and travel almost four hours everyday to and from work /home.

It has been so true, without me noticing it at times that I become so quarrelsome, caring so much with my feelings being hurt, failing to see how ungodly it is towards God, and how hurting it is also to my husband. I knew, I have a long way to go in learning, relearning, and struggling and wanting to be a loving wife. Adding more and more love in my actions, thoughts, and heart each and everyday, that I always ask HIM.

What is so great is I believe my awesome God is giving me a new ray of HOPE that I will be the wife HE wants me to be, that in HIS Grace I will be better.

Still have many things to repent.Though I struggle, that I am imperfect wife with many flosses and weaknesses, that I failed in some areas of my role. Knowing HIS Word, His breath to me, His message to me as His Daughter, is already a privilege I know I don't deserve but have the honor to listen, and repent for HIS Glory.

Nothing changes in my heart for my Awesome God and Loving Father, when I was in my youth and in single ministry, I would always tell HIM how I wanted to make each day of my life to be a WORSHIP TO HIM. My desire until now that I'm married never changes, not even a bit. I still long to live a Life of Praise To My KING!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thank you sisters!!

I must say that I am grateful pursuing the "A Wife's Biblical Submission", along with sisters from different countries.

So great, how amazing God is in leading us all together to study His Precious Word, His Will to all of us HE has given the Gift of Marriage and being a Wife.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all sisters who drop by and give encouragement to me. I deeply appreciate it. So grateful and thankful. God blessed me even more through your prayers and encouragement.

Thank you Marisa of The Salas Family (
Melody of Gift From God (
Ernestine of Daily Reunion (
Sunny of A Damsel No Longer In Distress (
also the woman behind " A Wife's Biblical Submission" Study

Thank you sisters for continuously dropping by and with all your faith, love and prayers, encourage me with the Love you have in Christ. My endless thanks!!

Appreciate it so much!

This God's favor in meeting you in a meaningful Bible Study,I continue to share this good news to my husband and my future kids.

Beautiful day to you all!!

In His Grace,

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Wife and The Rib

From: A Wife's Biblical Submission

God made man on the sixth day. And when He made the first man (Adam) and the first woman (Eve), they were the only ones of their kind in all creation. All of creation was spoken into existence, except for Adam and Eve. Adam was "formed" out of the dust of the earth and Eve was formed from one of the ribs from the man, Adam. That is why Adam said of Eve:

"This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man."

Have you ever wondered why God used the bone from the man's rib to form the woman? I have. I used to wonder why God didn't use a piece of bone from the man's head so the wife could be over her husband. Or why God didn't use a bone from the man's shoulder so the wife could have an equal role and duties as her husband. Why didn't God use a bone from the man's thumb so his wife could be under his constant pressure. And why didn't God use a bone from the man's foot so the wife could be used as a feeble and dirty doormat? Why did God use the rib?

We know that our God is a God of purpose and of order. Our God does nothing out of frivolity like many of us do. God does everything with the specific intent to work the good of all those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). What's the "good" you ask? It's not the "silver lining" in a bad situation, it's being conformed into the likeness of His Son, Jesus Christ (Romans 8:29).

So, what's the deal with the wife and the rib? To find the answer, let's take a look at the make-up and function of the rib. The rib is:

1. located on the man's side
2. delicate, yet strong at the same time
3. only covers the two most vital organs of man:

* his heart
* his lungs

ow, with what we know for certain about our awesome and purposeful God and with what we know about the make-up and function of the rib, we can see clearly why God used the rib out of the man to form the wife.

God used the rib to show both the man and the woman that the woman was made to be by the man's side.

* To walk alongside him, to bless, support and protect him, to be the closest thing to his heart.

God made the woman delicate in nature (that's why we get our feelings hurt more easily than men and even get physically injured more easily than men). But we are also strong. We are stubborn (sometimes in a good way and sometimes bad).

Our strength gives us the ability to fight for our families and all that we believe in. And last but not least,

we protect the two most vital organs of man, his heart and lungs. The heart pumps the very life-blood of the man throughout his entire body and the lungs give the man the ability to have breath. Without these two organs or if either is injured, it is impossible for a man to function well and could even cause the man to die.

Therefore, we can clearly assess that the very life-blood of a husband, his vigor, all that he breathes in and breathes out is dependent on his wife's protection.

A thought to ponder:
There is no one or no thing in all the earth God has created that God gave the ability to either be the most injurious or that provides the greatest blessing and strength to a husband than his wife.
How will you use the "power" God gave you, today?

My Gracious Moment With God:

I am so convicted reading this. I believe God has guided Sunny in coming up with this biblical and truthful lesson on " The Wife and The Rib"

I failed on this many times, I have been so selfish that I care more about my feelings that I forgot to protect my husband's heart!!

My husband often times remind me of this, he would tell me "Even if you are disappointed or hurt please don't forget to protect my heart"

In God's GRACE, I will and beg him to lead me and help me protect my husband's heart at all times and be more concern of his feelings more than my own.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Journey to Becoming a Biblical Submissive Wife

Biblical Submission is:

A Beautiful Gift for your husband and
A Precious Offering To God!!

A wife's Biblical submission is vital to the family unit and a wife's effectiveness in her role as help-meet to her husband, therefore we will follow God's divine order of things (1 Corinthians 14:40):

1. GOD FIRST: Matthew 6:33 & 10:37-39; Luke 14:33; Mark 12:30-31; Proverbs 31:30; Psalm 88:13; Psalm 1:1-3;

2. SPOUSE SECOND: Genesis 2:18-20, 3:16; Ephesians 5:22-24; 1 Corinthians 11:3, 8-9; 1 Timothy 2:13, 3:4-5; Titus 2:3-5

3. CHILDREN THIRD: Psalm 78:3-5; Titus 2:4; Deuteronomy 6:7; Proverbs 10:1; Proverbs 13:24; Proverbs 19:18; Proverbs 29:17; Malachi 2:15; Hebrews 12:8

4. HOMEMAKING FOURTH: Proverbs 31:10-31; Titus 2:3-5

5. "MINISTRY" FIFTH: Volunteering (at church & childrens' school), work, others (extended family, church family, friends) & Hobbies: 1 Timothy 2:10, 5:9-10; 1 Corinthians 12:7: Acts 9:36; 1 Thessalonians 4:9-12; Romans 12:10 & 13: 1 Peter 4:9-11)

Living this life out of God's order is asking for chaos to reign in our lives, causing us to be unfruitful and living in constant haste (2 Peter 1:3-9).


In HIS Grace, I am privileged to learn HIS Precious Word as HIS daughter and a Wife to My Husband.

In meditating the bible verses, in God's leading and guidance...
I have seen how far I am to becoming a Biblical Submissive Wife.

I've seen flosses toward my Savior, my first love in whom I treasured and loved deeply and genuinely. It's not a reason to be sad, but to leap in joy believing that HE is calling me to repentance.

I wanted to repent and faithfully pursue to be a Biblical Submissive Wife to glorify and honor HIS Name and my GIFT to my Husband and future children.

As I meditate and genuinely reflect HIS Precious Word, and am in tears, that I just control myself.HIS Word is so powerful, soothing to the soul.

"As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace" 1 Peter 4:10
- A Calling to be A Good Steward of His GRACE-

I believe I need to repent on many things:

* First, in letting God to be the FIRST in my heart and my daily life once again....

* Second, to love my husband more and more. Patience on his flosses. Extend love and patience when I don't understand his actions.Encourage him instead to share his feelings and listen.
To be concern of his feelings more than my own. To be compassionate when he is hurt.

*I knew how I messed up as a Home Maker. Am not the one that a husband should be proud of. I needed to kneel down and ask HIM to lead me to repentance.

In my heart, I know how I wanted to be the Home Maker that God wants me to be.

I need to repent on basic household chores, like cooking, cleaning the house, folding the clothes, etc.


"Now there was in Joppa a disciple named Tabitha, which, translated, means Dorcas. She was full of good works and acts of charity." Acts 9:36 ESV

Bahay BJ desires to serve the Lord

Verse of the day

“But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your forefathers served beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.”- Joshua 24:15

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Custom Design

Arrived at home at the usual time 8pm PT. I got a bit dizzy with the way the driver of the van drove.

I usually get off at Concepcion Market, so it gives me no excuse not to buy some fresh goodies and cook it at home.

I was really tempted not to buy nor to cook because I was really feeling dizzy and would like to rest instead of cooking.

I believe God talked to my seems like He was saying, it's worth to sacrifice.Reminding me of his word, (that I studied at Biblically submissive wife) that a wife does good to her husband and not harm. So, I decided to buy and I cooked at home. Fried Chicken, yummy! hahaha

Anyways, before I did that I soaked the chicken at the soysauce with calamansi, so it gives me time to relax.

I read the book we have "YOU~ GOD's BRAND NEW IDEA MADE TO BE AMAZING"


I went over page 24 and am really blessed and encouraged by it.
It says:

"You are a custom design, you are tailor made. God prescribed your birth. Regardless of the circumstances that surrounded your arrival, you are not an accident. God planned you before you were born.

The longings of your heart, then, are not incidental, they are critical messages. The desires of your heart should not be ignored, they are to be consulted.As the wind turns the weather vane, so God uses your passion to turn your life.

God is too gracious to ask you to do something you hate"

WOW!! It appeared so tender to my heart. Thank God for the encouragement you bring to my heart and soul each and everyday.

In His Grace,

Bloggy Rose Award

Thank you so much Sunny!for giving me this sweet rose bloggy award

I would like to pass this award to Rachel of

Friday, October 31, 2008

Praise you God, for wonderfully making this day!!

Husband and I got up very early this morning around 430am.

We need to be at the office early. I have to finish some analytical reports, and he on the other hand have training at Teatro Lakbay.

He got up earlier than our alarm at 430am. Wheew, time flies so fast!!

I took a bath while he's doing some stuff in the living room, when i was done, I had my morning exercise while he did some gardening tasks.

He bought our fave pandesal for breakfast while I prepare our milk and he took his bath.There you go, it's already past 6am and early past 7am when we were done. We had fun maybe catching up in conversation and we got to dance to a classic Christmas Song.

Beautiful morning. It's really good to wake up early.

We headed separate ways. I was so encouraged and happy when the van driver took a different route instead of passing at the heavy traffic in Barangka Marikina, he heads to San Roque instead, and before I knew it we were already at Industrial Valley heading our way to Edsa Santolan.

Before I got to witness the beautiful creation made by an AWESOME GOD!! Amazing. When the van was passing the road near the river at Riverbanks was so beautiful to witness and experience the trees, river, and sightseeing of the city from a Hilly point of view from Marikina.

But before I went to van terminal, I was at the jeepney from Parang Marikina passing NGI to Molave and finally in Bayan Marikina, where I was so blessed to experience and feel the fresh and cold breeze of the wind!!

All I could utter to God is this " Praise you Lord, I praise you!! Beautiful Beautiful!! I praise you! If only I can shout here...hahahaha..

That was my gracious morning moments with the one and only Gracious God..

In His Grace,

Monday, October 27, 2008

Your wonderful deeds o Lord, I can't count....

"O Lord my God, you have performed many wonders for us.Your plans for us are too numerous to list.You have no equal.

If I tried to recite all your wonderful deeds,I would never come to the end of them."

Psalm 40: 5 NLT

I believe my life will not be enough to say and sing praises to HIM.
For HE made so many wonderful things that I've felt and witness in my life, and the life of my family, friends, and even not so close friends.



Too many wonderful things He did, I can't count... too many. It's true, the scripture says, I will never come to an end if I start counting....

My Gracious Moment With God This Morning:

* I'm grateful for graciously allowing me to see and experience the morning/ day
* Super thankful for trusting and graciously giving me the GIFT Of Marriage.
For blessing me a loving and God-fearing husband.
I thank him for our 8th month wedding anniversary.
* I'm happy with the favor of LIFE HE has given me, my husband, and family (My Daddy, Tita El, and Tito John and their kids)
* Indeed, our Loving God has helped me and my husband all throughout those months we are together as married couple.
* HIS tender mercy is evident...for keeping Bahay BJ safe everyday, protected in so many ways.

The list could go on and on.......

Praises to HIM!! The Only One God...Almighty. Loving. So Precious to my heart!!

In His Grace,

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A New Side of Charity

I visited which she entitled her blog :
A NEW DAY FROM GOD. When one of her postings caught my attention, and like to reflect on this short note which says something about CHARITY

What comes to your mind when you hear this word?

As for me, I would have thought of serving the street kids or family, or giving food to the hungry. Or to be involved in the service for abused children, and my list could go on. However, am encourage to learn new side of CHARITY.

Here it goes, I quote it from that blog I visited.

Perhaps the greatest charity comes when we are kind to each other,
* when we don't judge or categorize someone else,
* when we simply give each other the benefit of the doubt or remain quiet.

Charity is accepting someone's diferences, weaknesses, and shortcomings; having patience with someone who has let us down; or resisting the impulse to become offended when someone doesn't handle something the way we might have hoped.

Charity is refusing to take advantage of another's weakness and being willing to forgive someone who has hurt us. Charity is expecting the best of each other"

In His Grace,

Friday, October 24, 2008

I want to grow in God's Grace

"I am warning you ahead of time, dear friends. Be on guard so that you will not be carried away by the errors of these wicked people and lose your own secure footing. Rather, you must grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

All glory to him, both now and forever! Amen."

2 Peter 3:17-18 (NLT)

Surely, I will pray that my heart will grow in the Grace of the Lord.

Happy Friday,

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Cleansing GRACE of Jesus

Grace Was Here!

By: Carmen of

"And the one sitting on the throne said, “Look, I am making everything new!” And then he said to me, “Write this down, for what I tell you is trustworthy and true.”
Revelation 21:5 (New Living Translation)

"Think back to when you were little. Remember the smell of early summer mornings flowing through the screen door?

I can remember being at a friend’s home one such day.

Just beyond their home was a field of lovely wild flowers. I still remember their mixed fragrances whisking through the open windows. I can still see the soft white sheer panels billowing in their living room. Their home was always so tidy. I can smell the Pine-Sol her mother used on her kitchen floors and the smell of freshly folded towels. Their home was so welcoming. They were always ready to receive visitors.

Is your home like that?

Let me clarify. I am not talking about the place with the address by the door and a mailbox out front. I am talking about your heart’s home of many rooms.

Are visitors welcome at anytime?

Or do you prefer to keep your unexpected guests waiting outside because you did not take the time to clean? Is there a room you have altogether forgotten? Are you ashamed of the condition of most of your inner rooms?

Well, you are certainly not alone. Many of us choose to keep others at arms length because we are afraid for them to see what is lurking behind closed doors.

FEAR NOT, faithful followers! There is Heavenly Hope for a new home!

The messes we have made, however, can only be cleansed with an "All-Purpose-Out-Of-This-World scum remover."

What is it called?

One word...Grace. And when the cleansing Grace of our Redeemer Jesus Christ has swept through the rooms of our hearts, we are the most amazed at the differences He has made.

However, in order for Him to make new all that we are ashamed of, we need to first unlock all those creaky doors...then hand over the key. After He has begun this new work, shame will no longer plague you. Rather than anxiously trembling at the thought of someone finding that disgraceful room and peering inside, you eagerly wait for company with open arms and doors!

‘Come in! See my new home! Look at the rooms all in order! Go ahead, make yourself at home!’, you will excitedly proclaim.

And when He does bring guests by your way, make sure they leave knowing what the ‘before pictures’ looked like. And with that, you will have instilled HOPE into their hearts that the same GRACE you received is available for their abodes.

All they need to do is make an appointment with this solid, co-owned and operated cleaning Company called Thy Kingdom Come! Slogan: WE make all things new!

Did I mention that the services are free having already been paid for (with blood) long ago?

However, in order to ensure abiding tidiness, be careful to bring nothing back in that He carried out."

In His Grace,

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"The Power of Praise"

"I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart;
I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done.

I will be filled with joy because of you.
I will sing praises to your name, O Most High."

Psalms 9:1-2

"a speaker talk about the importance of praise and our purpose during praise and worship. We are praising God. It doesn't have to be at church, with a leader or a praise team... I can praise God anywhere with words, with song, with my heart, with actions. I can praise God with my obedience.

Praise is more than an uplifting song, or words spoken to lift God up in praise. Praise does something. It releases the very presence of God Himself. And when the presence of God enters, your enemies are turned away!"

"Praise is a powerful spiritual weapon. It releases the very presence of God Himself"

The next time the devil tries to stifle your effectiveness, or to drain you of the strength and victory that's yours in Jesus, turn him back with the powerful weapon of PRAISE."


In His Grace,

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thirsty To Worship

Everyday, I've often told God to teach me to grow in worshiping HIM.
I love to tell him praises. His glorious and loving ways, that never fails to captivate me.

I have always thirst to lavish his altar with praises only to HIS NAME!!

"The heart of worship is to delight in the goodness, greatness, and glory of God.
It is to reflect deeply on his character and attributes and then to respond in natural praise and adoration" John Ortberg (pastor and author)

I quote it from

I understand that my life is not enough to lavish him with adoration and praises, and thanksgiving.

Hmmm That's why there's HEAVEN...ETERNAL.


Worship. Adoration. Praise.

Love captivated, am overjoyed to do this to my God.....

In His Grace,

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Gift To Worship

They had a dinner for Jesus. Martha served the food, and Lazarus was one of the people eating with Jesus. Mary brought in a pint of very expensive perfume made from pure nard. She poured the perfume on his feet, and then she wiped his feet with her hair. And the sweet smell from the perfume filled the whole house.
- JOHN 12:2–3

by Max Lucado

Marys are gifted with praise. They don’t just sing; they worship. They don’t simply attend church; they go to offer praise. They don’t just talk about Christ; they radiate Christ.

Marys have one foot in heaven and the other on a cloud. It’s not easy for them to come to earth, but sometimes they need to. Sometimes they need to be reminded that there are bills to be paid and classes to be taught. But don’t remind them too harshly. Flutes are fragile. Marys are precious souls with tender hearts. If they have found a place at the foot of Jesus, don’t ask them to leave. Much better to ask them to pray for you.

That’s what I do. When I find a Mary (or a Michael), I’m quick to ask, “How do I get on your prayer list?”

Every church desperately needs some Marys.

We need them to pray for our children.

We need them to put passion in our worship.

We need them to write songs of praise and sing songs of glory.

We need them to kneel and weep and lift their hands and pray.

We need them because we tend to forget how much God loves worship. Marys don’t forget. They know that God wants to be known as a father. They know that a father likes nothing more than to have his children sit as his feet and spend time with him.

Marys are good at that.

They, too, must be careful. They must meditate often on Luke 6:46. “Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ but do not do what I say?” Marys need to remember that service is also worship.

If God has called you to be a Mary, then worship! Remind the rest of us that we don’t have to be busy to be holy. Urge us with your example to put down our clipboards and megaphones and be quiet in worship.

In His Grace,

Friday, October 17, 2008

Biblically submissive woman or wife

"Biblical Submission: What It Is and What It's Not
By Sunny of

What is Biblical submission? Well, it’s quite different than most people expect it to be.

Biblical Submission does NOT mean:

1. A wife was made to be her husband’s doormat,
2. A wife should blindly do whatever her husband tells her,
3. A wife is less valued by God.

Biblical Submission DOES mean:

1. A wife will submit (that means, willingly lower herself) to her husband,

2. A wife will consider her husband and his needs more important than hers (Philippians 2:3),

3. A wife will lovingly and cheerfully do good to her husband, not harm, all the days of her life (Proverbs 31:12),

4. A wife willingly and lovingly supports her husband in his endeavors for no other reason than to honor God and bless her husband – she is looking for no self-gain or praise from this – she requires no “pay-backs” for all the good she does to her husband,

5. A wife is blessed by God with wisdom, strength and kindness (Proverbs 31:26).

To get a full view of what a Biblically submissive woman looks like, read Proverbs 31:11-31.

Hint: it wasn’t to lead the man to sin against God.

Why is Biblical Submission so important?

Because a family without it will either miserably continue prolonging agony or completely fall apart.Regardless of which occurs, one thing most certainly will occur: a wife who is not practicing Biblical submission will become the source of one of the most horrid things – causing the word of God to be reviled (Titus 2:3-5). We’ll get started tomorrow with: The Wife and The Rib."


My Gracious Moment with God:

I believe I am under God's discipline. HE disciplines me so I can be the wife HE intended me to be. I am so grateful to be reminded of HIS Word in every detail I should be bearing it in my heart and in my marriage.

I also believe I needed to ask His Holy Spirit to lead me to obedience and joy in making HIS Word alive in me.

Even if at times I'm hurt or sad in some circumstances in my marriage, I believe God will make something BEAUTIFUL out of it.

In HIS Grace,

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Wife's Biblical Submission

I just found out a beautiful site which tackles on how to be a Wife Submitting to God's Word. This blog is in the Internet Cafe Devotions Blogroll.

Let me share the welcome message which I reflected this morning and late afternoon.

"My prayer is that as wives and future wives, we will return to the purpose in which our Creator, God and Father through the Lord Jesus Christ originally intended when He so carefully designed us. And as we return, I pray that we, as daughters of the Most High God will use the influence He gave to women to turn the tides of the American family so that our country may return to a nation founded on Christ just as our forefathers had intended. Please join me in this prayer.

As we travel, please allow the Holy Spirit of God to prune you, refine you and shape you. Ask God for His discipline. Painful as it may be, we can trust it because we know God's discipline is good and is out of His great love for us, as His discipline leads us out of the entrapment of sin and into the freedom found only in the righteousness of Christ (Hebrews 12:7-11).

In the light of Ecclesiastes 5:1-3, pray and memorize: Psalm 139:23-24 and Psalm 19:14. Then share how applying these Scriptures in your life has impacted you and your family by leaving a comment on this post so other sisters in the Lord may be encouraged and edified.

This study will be intense and requires a strong commitment as you resolve to dedicate yourself to be an active participant in the work of the Holy Spirit as He conforms you into the likeness of His Son, Jesus Christ. If you do not feel that you are at a place in your life where you can make such an unwavering commitment to God and your family, I advise you not to take this journey until you are able. Before you begin this study, first read: Luke 14:27-33 and consider carefully the cost of traveling down this road to Christ-likeness."

The Precious Word to reflect deeply....

Hebrews 12:7-11
Ecclesiastes 5:1-3
Psalm 139:23-24
Psalm 19:14
Luke 14:27-33

I believe wives have a desire to become women in whom God wants to mold us for His Glory and for a loving and joyful marriage. A joyful sharing of lives together in a pursuit to have God as the center, foundation, and leader,master, bestfriend, father, and family.

Relationships undergo tribulations and challenges, but I believe as I continually experience that HE is with me and my husband along the journey to have our love refined and continually grow.

The Closing Message:

"Let me close with this quote from Fran Sciacca:

"A major distinction exists between the ancient marble-crafters and the God of eternity, however. They worked with lifeless stone, and what emerged was the product of their own skill and choice. But God depends upon us to hold His chisel and welcome the blows of His tools. A necessary cooperation exists between the Master and His work. We must submit to become what He so faithfully wills to form. Becoming like Jesus Christ must be at the center of our understanding of what it means to be a child of God on this side of eternity. And like the artisans of old, God's methods necessitate pain, the removal of what we might rely upon, and great amounts of time and patience....There's much within each of us that would implore the Master to quit the work, to let us be content as an unfinished piece. We are frail people living in formidable times. Pain, difficulty, suffering, loss, and rejection are regarded as enemies in our postmodern world. But in the hands of a loving Father, afflictions and difficulties are meant to be the agents of glorious change for those who submit to the work of the Master's hand."
Let me close with this quote from Fran Sciacca:

"A major distinction exists between the ancient marble-crafters and the God of eternity, however. They worked with lifeless stone, and what emerged was the product of their own skill and choice. But God depends upon us to hold His chisel and welcome the blows of His tools. A necessary cooperation exists between the Master and His work. We must submit to become what He so faithfully wills to form. Becoming like Jesus Christ must be at the center of our understanding of what it means to be a child of God on this side of eternity. And like the artisans of old, God's methods necessitate pain, the removal of what we might rely upon, and great amounts of time and patience....There's much within each of us that would implore the Master to quit the work, to let us be content as an unfinished piece. We are frail people living in formidable times. Pain, difficulty, suffering, loss, and rejection are regarded as enemies in our postmodern world. But in the hands of a loving Father, afflictions and difficulties are meant to be the agents of glorious change for those who submit to the work of the Master's hand."

In His Grace,

Laughter Really is Good Medicine

My Reflections yesterday (Oct. 15th, 2008)

Laughter Really is Good Medicine

This week I’ve been preparing for a MOPS talk I’m giving next Wednesday. My talk is titled, “Lighten Up and Belly Laugh, Moms.”

I’ve struggled with my topic, thinking what bad timing. Our economy is rock bottom. Our future president is unknown. Our world is at war. And I’m supposed to encourage moms to laugh again. Ha. How shallow! How foolish! How insensitive!

But then again, the more I read and research online, practice my talk, and read Bible verses, the more I believe maybe this talk is God’s timing.

Could it be that with all the chaos in this world, we need the reminder to lighten up and laugh again?

I think so.

Laughter is part of who God created us to be.

The first time the word laugh is used in the Bible is in Genesis 17. Abraham and Sarah both chuckle at God’s promise to give them a son. I would’ve laughed too. After all they are 90 and 100 years old, not exactly spring chickens. I believe God has a sense of humor. Especially because He tells them to name their child Isaac, which means “he laughs.”

We’ve all heard the phrase “laughter is good medicine.” Well, it really is. Proverbs point out the importance of a cheerful spirit. And laughing is definitely a cheerful thing to do.

A cheerful look brings joy to the heart and good news health to the bones. Proverbs 15:30 (NIV).

A cheerful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22. (NIV)

Need more convincing? Want to know the health benefits?


· helps our bodies heal faster

· strengthens immune system

· stimulates both sides brain for better learning

· improves brain function

· increases energy

· adjusts blood pressure and blood sugar

· burns calories

· relaxes muscles

· improves digestion and sleep

· unites families in troubled times

Even the Proverbs 31 woman valued a lighthearted laugh. “She is clothed with strength and dignity and she can laugh at the days to come,” (verse 25).

God knew I needed this talk for such a time as this. I’m naturally prone to worry. And worry big! So this time of preparation is perfect timing. Every time I give a talk, I learn the lessons all over again.

Like I said, God has a sense of humor! He makes me smile.

Heavenly Father, thank you for the healing power of laughter.

In His Grip,

Tiffany at “Tea with Tiffany “



I should suppose to post this last night however I didn't able to do so.

Tuesday night, my husband we're counseling me to SMILE or to have a sense of humor and not to think of the problem alone. Also consider solutions and manage to smile.

I became so sensitive when he advised me of how to do things or how to face things better. Yet, in the end I realized, I haven't manage to smile or have a good laugh lately..

I believe God is calling me to SMILE.....and always see the bright side of every situation. And to TRUST HIM unwaveringly.

In His Grace,

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Strength to Forgive

Strength to Forgive
Written by Steven McDonald

I am a New York City Police Officer. On July 12, 1986, I was on patrol in Central Park and stopped to question three teenagers. While I was questioning them, the oldest, a fifteen-year-old, took out a gun and shot me in the head and neck.

Thanks to the quick action of my fellow police officers, I was rushed to a hospital. A few days later, once it became clear I was going to survive, a surgeon came into my room and told my wife, Patti Ann, and me that I would be paralyzed from the neck down for the rest of my life. He told my wife I would need to be institutionalized. I was married just eight months, and my wife, twenty-three years old, was three months pregnant. Patti Ann was crying uncontrollably at the cards she had been dealt, and I cried too. I was locked in my body, unable to move or to reach out to her.

Parents: Can you forgive them?
Fathers: The holes they leave

Our faith suddenly became very important to us: the Catholic mass, prayers, our need for God. It was God’s love that put me back together. And it came from many different corners. Christians of every orientation, Jews, Muslims, and people of no faith at all were rooting for me.

A week after I was shot, the media asked to speak to my wife. Though still in shock, Patti Ann bravely told everybody that she would trust God to do what was best for her family. That set the tone not only for my recovery but also for the rest of our lives. When things like this happen, people sometimes distance themselves from God. Patti Ann taught me that you don’t do that. You trust God. She trusted, and here I am.

I spent the next eighteen months in the hospital. While I was there my wife gave birth to our son, Connor. At his baptism I told everyone I forgave the young teen who shot me. I wanted to free myself of all the negative, destructive emotions that this act of violence awoke in me-the anger, the bitterness, the hatred. I needed to free myself of those so I could be free to love my wife and our child and those around us.

I often tell people that the only thing worse than a bullet in my spine would have been to nurture revenge in my heart. Such an attitude would have extended my tragic injury into my soul, hurting my wife, son, and others even more. It is bad enough that the physical effects are permanent, but at least I can choose to prevent spiritual injury.

A year or two later, Shavod Jones, the young man who shot me, called my home from prison and apologized to my wife, my son, and me. I told him that I hoped he and I could work together sometime in the future. I hoped that we would travel around the country together to share our different understandings of that act of violence that changed both our lives, and the understanding it gave us about what is most important in life. In 1995 Shavod was released from prison. Three days later, he died in a motorcycle accident. But Shavod Jones is with me wherever my story is told. We have helped many people, the two of us.

Before I was shot I had not been very committed to my faith. The shooting changed that. I feel close to heaven today in a way I never knew before, and it makes me very happy. I know it may be hard to understand, but I would rather be like this and feel the way I do, than go on living like I was before.

Of course, I have my ups and downs. Some days, when I am not feeling well, I get angry. I get depressed. There have been times when I even felt like killing myself. But I have come to realize that anger is a wasted emotion. So I forgive that young man all over again, and every time I tell my story, I think of Shavod, and I forgive him.

People often ask if I forgave Shavod right away, or if it took time. It has evolved over fourteen years. I think about it almost every day. I was angry at him, but I was also puzzled, because I found I couldn’t hate him. More often than not I felt sorry for him. I wanted him to find peace and purpose in his life. I wanted him to turn his life to helping and not hurting people. That’s why I forgave him. It was also a way of moving on, a way of putting the terrible incident behind me.

We still struggle every day. My wife wants to know why a teenager had to do this to me. My son is growing up; he is now fourteen years old. He sees other fathers and sons playing and wants to know why he couldn’t have that experience with his dad. So we still struggle. I have learned that prayer is something we do in our time and the answers come in God’s time. And prayers are not always answered the way we think they should be.

Months and years have come and gone and I’ve never regretted forgiving Shavod. Back then we never imagined it would carry any importance in other people’s lives. We did it for ourselves. But ever since people have wanted to hear about this act of forgiveness. It helped us, but more importantly but it has helped others as well. Popes, presidents, heads of state, and ordinary people have invited us into their offices or homes to tell our story. We don’t always have the right words, but I believe it is our act of forgiveness that speaks to them.

I’ve been able to reach out to children in particular, because it was a child of my city that did this terrible thing to me. I often speak at schools about nonviolence, and I know from responses I get that many of the children have embraced my message and internalized it. Instead of responding to violence with more violence they have decided to choose forgiveness and love.

So God has turned something terrible into something beautiful. I think God wants to use both our abilities and our disabilities. He needs our arms and legs and minds and hearts and all that we have, to let others know that he is alive and well and loves us and wants us to love each other.

Right now the towns around me are filled with families who lost loved ones on September 11. There are broken hearts all over the place. I myself lost many dear friends. They are part of us, but through our pain we feel God reaching out to us. Even in this difficult time-especially in this difficult time-he is offering us the peace of forgiveness.

My story is told in Johann Christoph Arnold’s book, Why Forgive?, but I think the most timely story in the book is that of Gordon Wilson, whose daughter, Marie, was killed when terrorists blew up a building in Northern Ireland. They both lay trapped under the rubble of the collapsed building, holding each other’s hands. Just hours later Gordon told reporters, “I have lost my daughter but I bear no ill will. I bear no grudge. That will not bring her back.”

I don’t think anyone’s suggesting that those who organized the attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon go free with an act of forgiveness. They should be arrested and receive a just punishment. As an American who served in the U.S. military I want to stand up and protect America, to rally around the flag. There’s a place for that.

But where are the answers, if you just deal with it on a human level? Why were they hurt, and why are they dead, these friends we miss so badly now? It’s hard to find those answers. But on a divine level I know that all these women and men who were taken from us so brutally are experiencing eternal happiness and are waiting to meet us.
Forgiveness is a topic that people need to hear about today more than ever. As human beings we need forgiveness, whether we are giving it or asking for it. And people make up countries. So that means countries need forgiveness, can offer forgiveness. Forgiveness is really about our own healing. We may experience slight offenses, or they may be profound. But in the end it is our choice, and it is the survival of our own souls that is at stake.

Take a look at your life. How would you describe it? Contented? Rushed? Exciting? Stressful? Moving forward? Holding back? For many of us it’s all of the above at times. There are things we dream of doing one day, there are things we wish we could forget. In the Bible, it says that Jesus came to make all things new. What would your life look like if you could start over with a clean slate?

Living with hope.
If you are looking for peace, there is a way to balance your life. No one can be perfect, or have a perfect life. But every one of us has the opportunity to experience perfect grace through a personal relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ.


I must say, I was moved reading this story.Forgiveness. There would always be a point in our lives where God call us to forgive genuinely.Whether it's as simple when your spouse forget to text you or keep a promise, to a serious one when one of your family members said humiliating words towards you or gossiping you. All these...would require us to pray and ask for HIS STRENGTH AND lead us through forgiveness and eventually fill our hearts with love.

It doesn't happen overnight. It is a struggle that requires a continuous prayer.

There were times that I remember those pain, but am often reminded to pray for my heart.It also made me understand how much I needed God even more, and in HIS strength I can depend.

The greatest inspiration I always have in heart is The Cross. Jesus' precious blood. He became an atonement for my sins. He bore my pains.

Sometimes, I might say I already forgiven them.Much more there's a calling of restoring relationship with those who have hurt you badly.

I can't say that I'm on that stage now, but am continuously seeking HIM in the midst of this.

Like that of the police, He was brave enough to talk to the teenager who caused his physical injury, and gladly said he forgave him.

In His Grace,

Sunday, October 12, 2008

YOU ^_^ (Original, Unique)

"You knit me together in my mother's womb." Psalm 139:13 NIV

"Knitted together" is how the psalmist described the process of God making man. Not manufactured or mass-produced, but knitted. Each thread of personality tenderly intertwined. Each string of temperament deliberately selected.

God as Creator. Pensive. Excited. Inventive.

An artist, brush on pallet, seeking the perfect shade.

A composer, fingers on keyboard, listening for the exact chord.

A poet, pen poised on paper, awaiting the precise word.

The Creator, the master weaver, threading together the soul.

Each one is different. No two alike. None identical.

"Excerpt from SIX HOURS ONE FRIDAY, by Max Lucado.

YOU! Exceptional. Fabulous. Original. Unique. Incomparable. Wonderful.

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful,
I know that full well." Psalm 139:14 (NIV)


I have to say that I have a better morning today than yesterday.

I was struggling with so much emotions yesterday, as I said I became so sensitive these days, that I was hurt with what my husband one of a family situation we are facing. But, I realized I should be compassionate instead of hurting.

I could have encouraged my husband.God made realized that in a challenging moment, he is calling me to be more loving toward my husband.No matter waht, he is my husband, bestfriend, and family.

What made my day victorious yesterday despite my struggle with my emotions that morning, was I had 6pm prayer (This is my prayer time together with my husband, wherever we are, we will pray at this hour)

I started my morning by talking to HIM while watering the plants and glancing our new babies, the cutie three golden fish!! (NICE)

As usual, I enjoyed praying while listening to worship songs of Casting Crowns, that I appreciate a lot. Worship Songs, declare God's glory, majesty, greatness, love. It says a lot about HIS GREAT LOVE, HIS BEAUTY. It says about Jesus Cross.

Let me share some of the lyrics of the first song I listened. It's entitled "Praise You With A Dance"

"And I'll sing glory, hallelujah
I lift Your name on high
And I'll sing holy, 'cause You're worthy
I'll praise You with the dance"


I often tell him this "I want to lavish your altar with thanksgiving and praises!!

Really that's my heart desire just the moment I wake up!

In my little way of remembering HIM...and inviting HIM in my day...I hope it paints a SMILE in the heart of my CREATOR.

In His Grace,

Friday, October 10, 2008

Our Source of Strength

Our Source of Strength
By:Marilyn Ehle

Is it easier for you to be busy than quiet?

“…in quietness and trust shall be your strength…the Lord longs to be gracious to you…Blessed are all who wait for Him” (Isaiah 30:15, 18)!

We all want strength to face both the small and greater issues facing us daily. Whether it is stretching diminishing resources, dealing the newly independent two-year-old, facing (and loving!) a tempestuous teenager or ironing out relational difficulties in the workplace, we find ourselves in need of physical, emotional and spiritual strength. The problem is that we too often look for the strength in places that simply do not have the sufficiency to supply.

Four young men were taken captive by a powerful enemy king. They resolved to remain faithful to their God in spite of living in a culture totally foreign to their deepest beliefs. The king saw their commitment as defiance and a danger to his authority so he ordered they be “bound and thrown into the blazing furnace.”

As we read with imagination about the testing of Daniel and his friends in the blazing furnace, we shudder to think of the searing heat and licking flames. We read nothing of resistance or screams, only the absolute amazement of the king when he sees them “unbound and unharmed.” He shouts for them to come out and ultimately acknowledges that the God of these young men has power far beyond anything he imagined.

Isaiah, the prophet, reminds us that strength is found in quietness and trust. In his book The Way of the Heart, Henri Nouwen writes, “Solitude is the furnace of transformation.” Daniel and his friends walked in quietness and trust long before they faced the furnace. No doubt they experienced solitude when taken far from their own family and culture and from that solitude learned to trust in the one true God.

While no one wants a furnace experience, we would do well to prepare daily—in solitude—for whatever challenges may lie ahead.


I know I have been so emotionally weak, or shall I say, in truth, I know I'm emotionally weak in nature?

I easily get hurt these days, just last night my husband were saying something like "cheer up, say it enthusiastically" I felt like he doesn't understand my feelings, I just can't do that.

Or sometimes, my voice is too low tone.

I was suggesting solutions or ways to come up with finances that our Daddy needs.

Daddy has been hospitalized many times for the past few months, and a million has been spent with the expenses. Lately, he had 3 injections everyday for 10 days two weeks ago, just this Wednesday dawn he was rushed to the hospital again due to kidney infections.

I just realized, my husband was trying to cheer me up. I just want to trust his heart.

He always have good intentions.

It also made me think how emotionally weak I am, seeing the brighter side it made me feel how it feels to be weak within. For the past few years in my walk with God, I don't really feel too weak like this.

But I admit though, I am weak in nature. That's why I need God, I need Jesus, because he is the source of all strength.

In HIS word it says: But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me.(2 Cor. 12:9, NIV)

Am relearning this, indeed I have to keep in heart all over again that HIS POWER is made perfect in my weakness. All the more that I should boast in my weakness because HIS POWER is in me.

Praises to God. It is my utmost privilege to lavish HIS altar with my thanksgiving and adoration to HIM.

My graciousmoments for a rainy Friday!!

In His Grace,