Friday, October 31, 2008

Praise you God, for wonderfully making this day!!

Husband and I got up very early this morning around 430am.

We need to be at the office early. I have to finish some analytical reports, and he on the other hand have training at Teatro Lakbay.

He got up earlier than our alarm at 430am. Wheew, time flies so fast!!

I took a bath while he's doing some stuff in the living room, when i was done, I had my morning exercise while he did some gardening tasks.

He bought our fave pandesal for breakfast while I prepare our milk and he took his bath.There you go, it's already past 6am and early past 7am when we were done. We had fun maybe catching up in conversation and we got to dance to a classic Christmas Song.

Beautiful morning. It's really good to wake up early.

We headed separate ways. I was so encouraged and happy when the van driver took a different route instead of passing at the heavy traffic in Barangka Marikina, he heads to San Roque instead, and before I knew it we were already at Industrial Valley heading our way to Edsa Santolan.

Before I got to witness the beautiful creation made by an AWESOME GOD!! Amazing. When the van was passing the road near the river at Riverbanks was so beautiful to witness and experience the trees, river, and sightseeing of the city from a Hilly point of view from Marikina.

But before I went to van terminal, I was at the jeepney from Parang Marikina passing NGI to Molave and finally in Bayan Marikina, where I was so blessed to experience and feel the fresh and cold breeze of the wind!!

All I could utter to God is this " Praise you Lord, I praise you!! Beautiful Beautiful!! I praise you! If only I can shout here...hahahaha..

That was my gracious morning moments with the one and only Gracious God..

In His Grace,


Marisa Le'rin Salas said...

Praise God Sister Bonnie for this day, the blog you read labled " A New Day From God" is my younger sister's blog, what a joy to her to know you have read it! And also what a wondeful journey it will be to take the journey with Sunny as she preps us to be Biblical Submissive wives, her lessons will fully and deeply bless your marriage! MAY GOD BLESS YOU !

Heart of Rachel said...

It's wonderful how you appreciate the small things in life.

I find the idea of you and hubby dancing to a classic Christmas Song very sweet.

Melody said...

God is indeed Great and His majesty is everlasting...thank you for being an inspiration to those who read your blog...

My Walk With God said...

Thanks for your kind comments ladies. Well appreciated.