Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Proverbs 31:10 Morsel to Chew On

Gandang Morning God!! (Beautiful Morning God!!)

It's a lovely Tuesday God paints for me and for His Daughters.
A Morning filled with a desire to worship God and to commune with Him so closely as we try to sort out what's in our hearts and lift them up to God.

"Did you know that the Hebrew word used for "excellent" in Proverbs 31:10 is "khah'-yil"?

Khah'-yil means: strength, might, efficiency, a force (like an army). Interesting, isn't it? That the first thing that's mentioned about the Proverbs 31 woman is that she is strong, she is efficient, she is a force.

Unfortunately, in today's society and even in evangelical churches, the term "submissive wife" is often thought of as enslavement, entrapment or viewed as something vulgar. It is often described as an archaic perception of women and threatens the very "rights for freedom" women have so diligently fought for since the 1960's. But none of these views are accurate of the Biblically submissive wife. As you can see by definition, an excellent wife is no man's pawn, no man's doormat, is not mousy, nor is she an idiot unfit to do anything but be "barefoot and pregnant".

No, a Biblically submissive wife is exactly what God intended her to be: strong, mighty, efficient and a force to be reckoned with - against Satan, not against her husband.

Any woman who acknowledges the truth of a Biblically submissive woman would never shrink back or think twice about attaining such a great honor. Instead she would readily recognize the power God has already given her, instead of listening to Satan's empty lies, like he offered Eve - to give her what she already possessed, great intellect (because she was intimate with God), and great influence over her husband (that's why Adam also ate). Eve didn't have influence over Adam after the Fall, she already had it...that's what caused the Fall. Let us not follow her example, but as daughters of God, let us surely learn from it!

Oh dearly beloved sisters, daughters of the one and only God Most High, heed the word of our Lord and do not be deceived by our enemy, the devil who entices you to wield your strength, your might, your efficiency and force that our Father God has graciously bestowed upon you to strike your own bodies, your own head, your own husbands. But let us instead armor ourselves with the armor of God and wield our influence over our husbands for the glory of God through Biblical submission and strike Satan, our adversary.

Remember, the intellect and great knowledge God has granted you was given to you to fight against our enemy, Satan so that you will not be deceived by any of his schemes. Your intellect and great knowledge was not given to you so you could lord it over your husbands.

May the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts be pleasing to You, our gracious Lord God, our Rock and our Redeemer. And may we, as Your daughters who call You Father through our Savior, Jesus the Christ only speak words that are a benefit to our husbands according to their needs, not what we think they need. May Satan tremble at the sight of your submissive daughters, aware that we are storming the gates of Hell and taking back what was lost in the Garden - the oneness of a husband and wife. May what You LORD brought together, never again be separated! Not on our watch! Every victory in Jesus Christ alone! AMEN "

Gracious Moments With God....Loving and Kind God ^_^

Husband and I woke up at 3:35am to prepare ourselves to hear God's Word, The Word of Truth, Life and Hope.

I prayed within that our hearts would be ready to worship and lavish God with praises, that He alone deserves.

As we pray and ask in pervent petition to bless our hearts and the hearts of our future children to be filled with love and faith in God and to each other!!

Second, we ask Him to trust us to raise God-fearing and loving Kids.

We did it for Jesus! To express our praises and gratefulness for His love and Salvation thru His Precious Blood on The Cross.

A morning filled with God's Holy Spirit and blessed with the richness of His Word so sound to our hearts.

Second, more blessings as He lovingly allowed me to study "A Wife's Biblical Submission" as I desire (under His good will) to dig deep on His word and learn and listen to His Voice as I marvel the road of being a woman and wife pleasing to His sight. That the Scent of My Love, Worship, and Gratefulness to Him will Fill His Altar with such sweet Smell that He'll remember me thru Jesus.

The Modern Society may have a different concept of an Excellent Wife / Woman but His Word Stands Out Throughout Generations.

I'll have another post for the whole verses of Proverbs 31:10-31 (The Message Version)

Have A Sweet Scented Love From Heaven........(As He Pours Out His Love on Earth each & Everyday to fill our hearts with Richness that No Wealth on Earth Could Ever Surpass)

Blessed with His Sweet Scented Love and Graces,


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Hope a.k.a. Ernestine said...

Dear Bonnie,

I left a comment on your post A Wife of Noble Character. I hope it went through, I cannot tell.

It is wonderful to read that you and your husband had a lovely morning together worshiping God. What a blessing it is to have a godly husband!

I love reading your praise to Him for His beautiful morning. Morning is my favorite time. I love the quiet stillness, as most of the world around me is asleep. I love to share that quiet time with God.

Love you, sister!
Hope :)