Thursday, October 9, 2008

Life Lessons I learned on my 26th Birthday

"Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don't try to figure out everything on your own.Listen for God's voice in everything you do,everywhere you go; he's the one who will keep you on track." Proverbs 3:5

As am trying to start this blog entry, I can't recall what made my emotions down morning of my birthday, though I remember what made me sad early afternoon.

I'm very sensitive to words, for me speaking something towards others, as much as possible it should uplift them or give them hope, or inspires them more. Or if it's something difficult, "there's always a way to say things in a nice way", quoting one of the executives in the office in one of our marketing events.

I agree with him,for me when words are spoken, you can never say "rewind, I'll say something else instead".

I was a little bit down hearing a word from my husband, it just hurt me, see? I'm sensitive. I value words.

Though there were emotional downtime on my birthday, I realized and learned many things on that day.

In the morning I remember, I want to do some stuff that I wasn't able to do so.

I would like to do my morning exercise after I watered the plants, it seemed I really want to do some stuff in the morning but failed to do so due to some reasons that unknowingly made me a little mad and sad.

Later, I appreciate my husband and learned may things from him, and many good things I learned spiritually.

Upon reconciling, and making amend or peace of the situation he shared: (as far as I remember)

1.Everyday is special but of course birthday is even more special

2.He says: " I want you to be happy on your birthday and prepared and planned a lot
of things, but seems you don't trust.

3. As my husband was sharing his supposed plan, I was so shy within, that I told
myself " I should have trusted him instead of complaining"
Lesson learned: Stop complaining and be willing to wait.

4. In my "little sadness" (I looked like a child with tantrums, that I wasn't able to
do what I'd like to, petty things...really , it's like a child, I realized, his
good purposes even with little things are still the same.

His good purposes, I believe are still for my own good.

5. Even if I felt a little down (I felt but not too long though, because I also
realized my flosses too), I still believe that "A day deserves a chance to be
better,loving and kind"

6. My husband further shared " the best way to spend a birthday is to serve others
not only in doing something but also by extending understanding or patience
towards others' flosses." (hmmm, awesome!)
I remember last year how I long to spend my special day with the Kids at Hope
Worldwide Philippines!

I still praise God for helping me and my husband get through with that "little challenge" on my birthday.

We super enjoyed the day!

We stroll a lot, he started the treat at our fave " Ice Cream House", with my super love avocado ice cream and french fries!!

We continued our happy journey to the ever fun filled " World of Fun in Sta Lucia, but before hitting the games, my husband decided we'll have our late lunch at Bacolod
Chicken Barbecue"

The last time we visited World of fun, that was June this year. we accumulated some points last April and June, and we're so happy to claim our "cake holder" and my beautiful hair clamp and 8 pieces of Chubby nuts chocolates.

Yahoo, just like KIDS!!

The fun never stops when we headed to SM Marikina!!

At last, nakapasok na rin!

For me, I learned it's better to feel sad and learned valuable things, priceless and something I can share to my future kids.....than to simply life live comfortably without learning at all.

In His Grace,

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